It is just a matter of time before driverless cars change the way we get around. Being in a car will be a very different experience. You will be able to spend your time catching up on your favourite tv shows or getting stuck into a book or making sure the children behave themselves on the school run. All positive, but how will the cars themselves be insured? 

The way insurers approach this is going to be very interesting and raises a lot of questions. Will the manufacturers have their own schemes that will automatically start and stop cover when the owner of the car gets in and out? Will the incumbent car insurers be able to keep up with the innovation? Furthermore, as driverless cars, in theory, will not crash, will car insurance even exist at all? Some form of cover will be required as the cars might be damaged in everyday life when going to the supermarket or by extreme weather.

When driverless cars do become the norm, what will happen to 'normal' cars? As driverless cars will not crash who is going to want to insure your old Aston Martin that you like to drive every now and then? Will driving as we know it now be something that only the rich can afford to do?