Vivek Wadwa has written an insightful piece detailing the 6 macro technology trends that reached their  tipping point in 2015. All these are going to fundamentally change the way we live in the future. It's no co-incidence that they are also the technologies that will have the greatest effect on the future of insurance too. 

The Internet of Things and Drones will provide transformative risk management capability, near perfect technical risk pricing and UBI in the non-life world.

For the life and health insurance industry, IoT and Genetic profiling/modification will combine with generally better health/life expectancy to have a similar effect on pricing, product and distribution. 

And so to Bitcoin, this too will one day change insurance as we know it, but in my view it's still a bit early to say how. Perhaps that's what we'll all be writing about when we review 2016 and look forward to 2017?