A common complaint is of Insurtechs with solutions desperately looking for a problem to solve. To be fair a criticism of many technology vendors in all fields for whom hype is a convenient alternative to customer focus.

Instech London

provides the antidote on 24th September in London. Listen to large enterprises and insurers explain their problems and priorities and match your solutions against these.

Now that's a novel approach!

Before you go do some advance research to ask the right questions - read "The untapped potential within the insurance market". And don't forget the insightful and humorous podcasts from the Intech Londo team of Robin Merttens, Matthew Grant and Paolo Cuomo.   

Venue: 13-16 Allhallows Lane, The Steel Yard / Loose Cannon, London, EC4R 3UL from 6:15pm - 8:30pm  Tuesday 24th September. 

AND- register before August 31st and you pay at current prices (unless you are a member when it is free).