I was at TinTech London market yesterday and one of the recurring themes was concern over the inability to attract top graduates, particularly those who could help drive the required transformation to digital. 

Those no particular talent gap right now as manifest by the fact that the industry continues to make money well running well short of optimal efficiency.

There is however talent gap developing - too many twenty -somethings  see an analogue world run by a bunch of suits and rush off to join a start up in Hoxton for less pay (often no pay) because its more exciting and they can play table tennis at lunch. 

It's great to see Swiss Re speak out on this. It's a much needed call to arms as, in fact, the industry has much to offer. I'll even argue that, counter-intuitively, as it goes from being mostly about relationships with some science to being mostly about science and some relationships, it will become a more attractive environment to the kind of talent we need to bring in. 

Well done Swiss Re and Keith Wolfe.