I am looking forwards to participating in the InsTech Meetup in London on February 24th. More than 200 people have signed up to attend and it is going to be an awesome event. The insurance industry in the UK has long been a pioneer with respect to the use of technology to change and improve their business, and I am always impressed with the innovation I experience as a customer. I often ask my friends and colleagues in other countries, and even the US is way behind the innovation we see in the UK. 

InsTech is a great way to learn about how new technology is being used to help both the insurance industry and its customers. The pace of change is even faster than it ever was, and there are new challenges arising as a result of the rapid increase in cybercrime. How should insurance companies respond to the sophistication of the cyber criminals and how can threat intelligence be used to help?

I am honoured to be invited to give a short presentation at InsTech, and my area of interest is how cyber threat intelligence can be used to help the insurance industry deal with the increased request for cyber insurance policies. 

Have a look at this video for a quick intro.

See you at InsTech!