What a difference a year makes.  Only 12-18 months ago the questions were either around whether it would be one or two decades before autonomous vehicles (AVs) were really relevant, or around the narrow emotive (but clearly important topic) of "when an AV 'needs' to crash, how does it decide who to harm?"

This post by EY and many, many other articles and papers over the last few months start to get into the important, nitty-gritty of the whole topic.  The "when question" has been answered - i.e, "soon enough that we need to start thinking about it now" and so a lot of people in a lot of industries are now getting to grips with the legal implications, the liability implications and naturally enough, the insurance implications.

The UK House of Lords is debating the topic; the UK insurance associations is discussing how to stop insurance hindering uptake; many are making scary estimates of the impact on the premium pool.

Insurance - personal lines and specialty lines - needs to be at the forefront of this epoch-changing technology shift, and I get the feeling people have well and truly woken up to that, and are ready for an important and interesting few years.