As an avid twitcher, I am as likely to be reading stories about ornithology as I am about insurance. I came came across this one on red kites the other day and was struck by the similarity between their plight and that of the insurance innovator. 

- red kites were nearly wiped out by people who thought they we feeding on gamebirds. The early InsurTech pioneers were endangered by those who thought they were undermining their jobs and way of life.

- while red kites have been saved by a reintroduction  programme and the great work done by the RSPB and similar institutions, InsurTech is now thriving thanks to investment programmes by big corporate insurers and the work of institutions like InsTech London. 

- in the last 30 years the red kite population has gone from a handful of survivors to an estimated 2000 pairs while in the past two years InsTech London has gone from a few innovation enthusiasts to nearly 2000 members. 

Perhaps like the RSPB we should file for charitable status and seek donations for our efforts in saving and promoting a threatened species!