Millennials are

  1. The most under-insured of all potential insurance customers
  2.  More liable to consume services rather than own assets.
  3.  Glued & connected to smartphones and tablets
  4. With an attention span shorter than that of a goldfish
  5. Still living in a world of risk

Andrea Silvello makes a case for microinsurance products and digitisation of the customer journey from "I need cover now" to optimal insurance for finite events and times and settlement of any claims.

Sensors & the IoT, Big Data Analytics combined with machine learning, robot process automation & AI opens up new opportunities for customers and insurers. 

On the other hand pushing micro-insurance to customers to hit their 8 second attention span at the moment of need seems a recipe for confusion and annoyance. 

Would I rather have a trusted insurer which treats me as a connected customer for all, or at least a significant portion of my insurance needs? Or a queue of Ai driven offers from different insurance suppliers which anticipate my need?  

My belief is that traditional insurers can innovate with digital platforms that combine convenience, relevant coverage and value-for-money for both macro and micro insurance.

But. they had better move fast; we've been talking about this for years and many insurers still seem to be in contemplation mode. They have to face the "Elephant in the Room" to stop the threat of losing business to innovative insurtech competitors.

It's time for action as some major insurers are doing- see "Allianz harvesting digital dividend"