As a career insurance professional I recognise the   deep economic value that the industry provides; however, there remains a perceived disconnect between the products insurance companies sell to its customers and the fundamental customer needs.

Across countless industries, the disruptive force of technology has worked to not only shift how customers interact with products and services but also how we expect  to interact with products and services. 

Much attention is given to the technological superiority and foresight that enabled Netflix, Uber and Amazon  to disrupt their respective industries; however, the deeper client-centric motives that drive their growth are often ignored.

Netflix, Uber and Amazon put their customer experience above everything else (often even profits).

In the face of technological disruption many insurers cite 'client centricity' as core to their long term strategy but without willingness to partner, how genuine is this position?

2018 will be a defining year across the insurance industry as insurers decide whether they will continue their attempt to innovate internally or whether they will seek partnerships with more innovative InsurTech firms to deliver an exceptional client experience.

I'm hoping for the latter.