I posed this question at the end of September this year - somewhat provocatively.

Almost everyone agrees Cyber Insurance is both important and an opportunity for new data and analytics companies. Most companies still believe they don't have adequate cover.  Yet insurance rates are declining and there is a push for terms to be extended. How should insurers embrace this opportunity without exposing themselves to massive aggregations of future loss?

The risk of cyber is rising steadily. The University of Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies has just released its 2019 Global Index allowing us to measure cyber in the context of 22 other global threats. Cyber risk is up 9% in the last year, and moves to up to 6th place amongst the threats assessed. 

The understanding of cyber risk and insurance to address is also evolving rapidly. The article generated a lot of interest and debate as did our Instech London evening event on 8th October (Sponsored by Illumio).  If you missed the article first time round, take a look to read what others in the industry are saying and how companies like CyberCube (one or newest Instech London corporate members) are helping insurers assess the risk. And the videos from our event are online at  https://www.instech.london/videos/